Grab all 4 of our exclusive Chinese New Year Playaz’s collector series!

by Kenny Tan on January 27, 2021

2020 was not a smooth sailing year for all of us, and having to accept the implementation of MCO 2.0 as soon as we welcomed 2021 was not very uplifting either.

Cabaran demi cabaran yang harus kita harungi. Susah tapi cara ini sangat dibutuhkan demi kebaikan semua. Ketepikan negativiti dan jangan kita lose hope, guys! After all, our frontliners are the ones who are fighting the war to keep us all safe. We have to keep our chin up and our faith strong during these trying times.

Some of you may ask, what about Chinese New Year? Tak ada feel festive, tak ada mood nak celebrate sebab tak dapat keluar rumah. Eh duduk rumah pun boleh celebrate dan bahagia asalkan dengan loved ones, whether near or far. You decide what’s meaningful to you.

There is no better way to usher in the good vibes and invite prosperity into our homes with Playaz’s collector series of Huat, Heng, and Ong!

2020 – Playaz’s Huat series (Available in White & Red)

2021 – Playaz’s Heng series
(Available in White & Red

2022 – Playaz’s Ong series (Moga kita semua dikurniakan rezeki melimpah! Nantikan edisi special ini)


2023 – Playaz’s Huat, Heng, and Ong series
(All 3 characters in 1 design, stay tuned for this exclusive edition)

Crush Love GIF by TINDER

This Chinese New Year, spread only positivity and renewed hope with Playaz’s fresh and bold graphic Tshirt, symbolising spirit and strength for an all day casual wear. Simply down-to-earth, get yours today and be sure to collect all 4 in 2023 to complete your Playaz’s exclusive collector’s series!

Happy Chinese New Year from all of us at Playaz! Stay safe & healthy, geng!